Melton Points

1. At first, he was the new boyfriend of a woman we love and admire.

2. Then he was the quietly friendly guy who was living with that same woman, that Rebecca Beegle. They seemed happy. He seemed like a decent man, this guy.

3. Then we saw some of his drawings.

4. Then we saw some of his photography.

5. Then we saw some of his films.

6. And we know that the quietly friendly guy is still living with Rebecca Beegle.

7. And now we also know that this is Robert Melton.


If you've read David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, then you'll recognize what this video is about – and you'll probably get a little thrill from how well L.B. Deyo has used motion graphics to evoke the late author's sprawling, multi-genre doorstop of a novel. 

If you haven't read the much-ballyhoo'd thing, this video might just send you over the edge of resistance & reaching for a copy of DFW's magnum opus. Among the pages of which you'll discover that, all the ballyhooing? It's justified, oh brothers & sisters, it's totally justified.