Howdy, stranger – first time here?


Because you were visited by one of those archangels that the more gnostic Christians like to go on about? One of those divine and terrible creatures with the feathery wings and a flaming sword of truth?

Or maybe it was some Muslim ifrit with a saffron-dusted scimitar and the number 786 tattooed invisibly, over and over, across its slick, glabrous skin? And one or the other of them, or some different entity entirely, appeared to you – appeared unto you – and commanded that you visit this website ASA fucking P or they would use their sword (or that scimitar or whatever) to carve a slow rough hole through your perineum?

No? No such visitation occurred? Because that sort of thing is, after all, mere pinchbeck extrapolation based on the wackadoodle creation myths of some Stone Age tribe? And any actual, living angels of this earth are usually too busy providing love and affection for stupid little bitches, say, than to have time to indulge in promoting an endeavor such as this one? 

So, then, what? You recently received a pamphlet that, when its author wasn’t yammering on paranoically about an arcane cabal’s manipulation of gravity, tried to induce a skoshie of joy into your relatively benighted existence? And you decided to, ah, to follow that meager river of enlightenment to its source? Is that what happened?

Anyway, here we both are now.

You want a comic-book taste of philosophy that skewers the promises (or threats) of artificial intelligence? Check this out. You want to understand better why the author, your humble reporter, does what he does in this fleeting life? Here you go. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a little butter-scoop-in-the-eyeball action, this thing is your grisly huckleberry. And how about some excellent videos made by other people?

It is recommended that, after sufficient perusal, everyone exits through the gift shop.

I mean, of course that’s recommended.

Vile, vile capitalism.

In any case: Thank you, fellow traveller, thank you for taking the time and effort. And may much love and greater joy be yours.

Former home of Austin’s Rude Mechs,
the most consistently, relentlessly brilliant theatre company
in the history of Texas. They’re still very much around, those Rudes,
still tearing up the performative landscape in compelling fashion
in a variety of venues; but this old epicenter of creation will be missed.


The Old Girlfriend

The old girlfriend who still has your copy of The Crying of Lot 49.

The old girlfriend who had a cat that was like thirteen pounds of half-reptilian bitterness & hairy spite.

The old girlfriend who you helped to hobble around when she was on crutches with a badly sprained ankle.

The old girlfriend who you still think about whenever you're looking up at the stars in a clear night sky.

The old girlfriend who eventually moved in with your other old girlfriend & now they're married and both, somehow, pregnant.

And didn't invite you to the baby shower.