A Collection of Five Short Videos That Will Pleasurably Twist Your Mind

You’ve already watched too many videos this day, right?

Sure you have – we all have. That's a lot of what we do now, right?
But here are five more. Here, in fact, are five of our favorite videos of all time.

1. This first one's by comedy troupe Backpack Picnic, the legendary Austin-based quartet featured in this profile:

2. Also from Austin, here's that crew known as Old Murder House Theatre, who tour an intentionally goofy-ass live-action version of Robocop (among other classic homages) around the country and were covered in this article. But this is, we suggest, an even better thing they're responsible for:

3. One of the things that some of those Murder House creatives have in common is a stint at the Savannah College of Art and Design. This next piece was made by other SCAD students; it's a video that's freakish & unnerving & perfectly produced, leading us away from humor & into the macabre:

4. And now ... you want to talk about innovation in narrative presentation? Before you start talking, do yourself the favor of witnessing this creepy cautionary tale from Run Wrake:

5. We'll end our five-spot presentation with a music video. This one's by those Aussie sampling savants, The Avalanches:

The GIFs That Keep On Giving



Who's responsible for creating this, ah, this heartlike clump of beating muscle & fat?

The same artist responsible for creating a multitude of kinetic wonders, many of them in a more Op Art style, via the Graphics Interchange Format: Paolo Ceric.  

Suggestion: Give your eyes a treat with a visit to his website.

Melton Points

1. At first, he was the new boyfriend of a woman we love and admire.

2. Then he was the quietly friendly guy who was living with that same woman, that Rebecca Beegle. They seemed happy. He seemed like a decent man, this guy.

3. Then we saw some of his drawings.

4. Then we saw some of his photography.

5. Then we saw some of his videos.

6. And we know that the quietly friendly guy is still living with Rebecca Beegle.

7. And now we also know that this is Robert Melton.

What We Like To Listen To

Sometimes it's not even that you don't play your vinyl albums any more, really, except for the odd Sunday afternoon when you feel like indulging in the ritual that results in deeper, somewhat warmer tones from the stereo system you're so glad that you 1) kept all these years or 2) recently purchased at some retro electronics boutique.

Sometimes it's that you don't even turn to iTunes or Pandora or Spotify or whatever online audio source that's as ubiquitous as it is convenient.

Because sometimes, we're noting, you go directly to YouTube – YouTube, for fuck's sake! – and siphon your music from that wealth of recorded material. Because, well, there it all is, right?

And even then you – okay: we – sometimes we want to let somebody else do the driving, so to speak. Sometimes there's nothing that quite matches what we're in the mood for, in the mood for dealing with, other than a DJ-curated compilation of the sort that's available via Google's vast YouTube holdings.

And right now we're recommending to you a DJ named simplexia. Because, especially when it comes to things like dark ambient soundtracks and French New Wave from the '80s and post-punk experimental sonics from all over the world, simplexia's got it going on. And on and on and on and on. 

Here's a taste: 


If you've read David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, then you'll recognize what this video is about – and you'll probably get a little thrill from how well L.B. Deyo has used motion graphics to evoke the late author's sprawling, multi-genre doorstop of a novel. 

If you haven't read the much-ballyhoo'd thing, this video might just send you over the edge of resistance & reaching for a copy of DFW's magnum opus. Among the pages of which you'll discover that, all the ballyhooing? It's justified, oh brothers & sisters, it's totally justified.