What We Like To Listen To

Sometimes it's not even that you don't play your vinyl albums any more, really, except for the odd Sunday afternoon when you feel like indulging in the ritual that results in deeper, somewhat warmer tones from the stereo system you're so glad that you 1) kept all these years or 2) recently purchased at some retro electronics boutique.

Sometimes it's that you don't even turn to iTunes or Pandora or Spotify or whatever online audio source that's as ubiquitous as it is convenient.

Because sometimes, we're noting, you go directly to YouTube – YouTube, for fuck's sake! – and siphon your music from that wealth of recorded material. Because, well, there it all is, right?

And even then you – okay: we – sometimes we want to let somebody else do the driving, so to speak. Sometimes there's nothing that quite matches what we're in the mood for, in the mood for dealing with, other than a DJ-curated compilation of the sort that's available via Google's vast YouTube holdings.

And right now we're recommending to you a DJ named simplexia. Because, especially when it comes to things like dark ambient soundtracks and French New Wave from the '80s and post-punk experimental sonics from all over the world, simplexia's got it going on. And on and on and on and on. 

Here's a taste: