A Collection of Five Short Videos That Will Pleasurably Twist Your Mind

You’ve already watched too many videos this day, right?

But, still, look: Here are five more. 
Here, in fact, are five of our favorite videos of all time.

1. This first one's by comedy troupe Backpack Picnic, the legendary Austin-based quartet featured in this profile:

2. Also from Austin, here's that crew known as Old Murder House Theatre, who tour an intentionally goofy-ass live-action version of Robocop (among other classic homages) around the country and were covered in this article. But this video is, we suggest, an even better thing they're responsible for:

3. One of the things that some of that Murder House crew have in common is a stint at the Savannah College of Art and Design. This next piece was made by other SCAD students; it's a video that's freakish & unnerving & perfectly produced, leading us away from humor & into the macabre:

4. And now ... you want to talk about innovation in narrative presentation? Before you start talking, do yourself the favor of witnessing this creepy cautionary tale from Run Wrake:

5. And so we end this five-spot presentation with a music video – by those Aussie sampling savants, The Avalanches:

The GIFs That Keep On Giving



Who's responsible for creating this, ah, this heartlike clump of beating muscle & fat?

The same artist responsible for creating a multitude of kinetic wonders, many of them in a more Op Art style, via the Graphics Interchange Format: Paolo Ceric.  

Suggestion: Give your eyes a treat with a visit to his website.